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Refer Your Short Sale Listings to Dave Halpern

Dear Friends and Fellow Louisville Area Realtors,

• Have you tried a short sale and didn’t like it?

• Are short sale listings taking away from your ability to provide excellent service to your other clients?

• Did your broker tell all the agents in the office not to do short sales?

• Are you doing short sales but walking around all day with a cell phone in your ear, on hold, waiting for the bank’s negotiator to pick up the phone?

• Are you tired of faxing and refaxing documents to the bank?

• Are you dealing with short sales that drag on for months, just to fizzle out because the bank is unreasonable? No closing, no payday.

• Are short sale listings stealing your time away from prospecting for new sellers and new buyers?

• Have you taken short sale courses and decided to run the other way?

• Are you upset that you’re turning away friends, family and previous clients who owe too much on their home? Are you turning them away because short sales are too much work? Are you afraid the short sale will fail, and you will disappoint your trusting client?

• Are you frustrated trying to keep up with government and banking short sale rules that change all the time?

• Would you like to never have to talk to a short sale lender again?

• Would you like to help your clients with their short sale, not have to do the work, and still get paid a referral fee?

• Should I continue to list all the dozens of other reasons why Realtors hate short sales?

• Hi, my name is Dave Halpern. I successfully close dozens of short sales every single year right here in the Louisville market. Many agents recognize me as the Louisville short sale expert and refer their clients to me.

• We first and foremost treat your client with the utmost respect and dignity. That is what they deserve, period. They didn’t cause values to plummet. They got caught in this economy and housing market just like we all did. If your client is behind on payments, rest assured they didn’t do it on purpose, and they need help, A.S.A.P.

• We have the knowledge, the experience, the staff, and the systems to process short sales. That is all we do every day all day long.

• Helping sellers avoid foreclosure with a short sale is our chosen core business. It is not a distraction. Staying on hold 40 minutes, assembling 70 page short sale packages, faxing the same document 4 times to the bank over a 2 week period, getting 3 adversarial lienholders to see eye to eye – it’s what we do and we do it gladly because the end result is win-win-win for all involved.

• When you refer your short sale to me I do all the heavy lifting processing the short sale and getting it sold and closed. We relieve you of all the hassle and work, keep you posted on progress, and pay you a 25% referral fee at closing.

•When you refer a short sale client to us, our intent is to get the short sale done as soon as the banks will let us so your clients can avoid foreclosure with minimal damage to their credit. They can get back into home ownership faster and call you again to get them into their next home. Your client remains in your sphere of influence. We invite you to attend the real estate closing to emphasize to the seller that they are your clients and I was just a resource that you brought in on a one-time basis to help solve their problem.

• Please read the multitude of testimonials of many satisfied families. Not only were they overjoyed with the results but many also took time to thank us for the high level of communication, compassion, and professionalism that we exhibited when helping them.

• We help dozens of families avoid foreclosure each year. Please let us help you help your client. Please call me at (502) 664-7827 to discuss our referral program.

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